Just for Fun!

My SSC Design Team friend Pryn has been posting throwback scrap pages, I promised to play along ...Please be kind...these are NOT CURRENT PAGES!!! (I can't believe I'm actually going to do this!) Please scroll down to see this weeks Color Challenge and my current cards and pages from my earlier post today!!

Here we go (insert hanging my head in shame):
It's so funny to see this now! I remember these pages taking days to complete. I love the printing with bubbles on the ends and sticker alphabets with matching bubbles! The random pepperoni's are also a nice touch :)

This page I believe uses Me & My Big Idea's patterned paper that I so nicely trimmed out playground equipment from. Apparently I was obsessed with my corner rounder and circle cutters from CM. Probably because they were my only tools, lol.

There you have it. Hey, everyone has to start out somewhere right? I guess I'll stop complaining about my mojo now :)


Pryn said...

I LOVE YOU MO!!!!! You completely ROCK!!!! These pages are fab!!! I too am a hige fan of the random pepperoni ;) Corner rounders have never gone out of style...right??? Thank you so much for playing along...you made my day!!! I will link you up on next Tuesday's post because that pepperoni is too good to miss :)

Clare said...

Oh, this is great! I should show one of my old cards - yuck! ;)

Anonymous said...

Stop it! I love these pages!
And the random pepperoni is just SO YOU.

Guess who?

Bev said...

very brave if you to share.. will see what i can find..so haven't we evolved.. new techniques and all.