Throwing it back, one more time!

Here we go, another throwback layout:

This was Easter Weekend, just about 4 years ago. Ugh, there are just so many things "wrong" here. Through this stage of scrapping I was obsessed with making sure I scrapped EVERY picture. Seriously, was that necessary? Um, no!
I also made sure that every page coordinated. I never put two pages together in my album unless they somehow coordinated. How things have changed! I was also a big fan of the diagonally split photo.
I also look weird, don't pay attention to that, focus on my 18 month old sucking on a Corona :)
Head over to Pryn's blog (So Not Mocha-vated) on my Sidebar to play along. Have no fear!!



Amy said...

Hahaha that is HILARIOUS Mo!! I have pictures of my daughter Emma surrounded by Bud bottles (empty but still!) LOL, Love the throwback! Oh and i left you some bloggy love on my blog so go check it out!

Pryn said...

I seriuosly almost peed my pants laughing at the Corona pic!!! Then, I read what Amy said...still laughing! I don't have kids :( ...but, I do have a pic of my niece sitting on a case of sister didn't ask why I would take a pic of her child on a case of beer, but instead asked what was wrong with us that we hadn't dipped into the case when we walked in the!

BTW...I love the diagonally split is so retro! You are THE BEST thrower Mo!!! Have I told you how much I love you? I LOVE YOU SISTAH!!!!!