Happy Friday!

Good Afternoon!

Well, April ended on a crazy note & it just seems to continue. With the nice weather, end of the years activities and appointments, there just isn't enough time in the day. Add that to FINALLY feeling well after months & months of being miserable, sick & achey, I just don't know what to do first. Catching up on the house "stuff" that has piled up, Spring cleaning/organizing & re-organizing closets, outside play-time...I think you get my drift :) Also, I know this isn't catastrophic or anything but...I'm reading an awesome book and I can't put it down. My favorite book is a book written by Lori Lansens called "The Girls". I also loved her second book, "Rush Home Road" and I happened to be at the library 2 Sunday's ago and saw she has a new book "The Wife's Tale." I feel in a panic because I only have a few days to finish it, I don't want to rush through it, but it's crunch time here ladies, lol!!! I don't usually take books out of the library for this reason, but I saw this and ripped it off the shelf like a madwoman!

Now, let's get on with what you are really here for...First up is this week's SSC Card Challenge. First week of the month means a sketch.

Next, is the SSC Color Challenge: Black, Gray, Pink & White. I had a blast on this one and am completely in love with this big Thrift Shop Stamp. An early Mother's Day present from my hubby :)

The last project I have to share with you is the SSC Paper Scraps Challenge. If you don't like bugs, DON'T look any further!! Please remember I live in a house with three boys, this is what THEY like to do. If I want to hang with my boys, I HAVE to do gross stuff like going to an Insect Museum! (click on the picture to get a better view, if you want to that is).

That's all I have for you today. I plan to come back tomorrow to post my project for Sketchy Saturday & again on Sunday for Mother's Day!!

Congrats if you made it through all of this!! I appreciate each and every visit and love when you leave me some love. Every comment gives me the warm fuzzies!!!


Amy said...

Mo LOVE all the yummy creations for the challenges!! You are so GOOD! Love ya chica!!

Angie Blom said...

wow.. stunning. love all your creations to.. and that lace stamp.. oh my I need to know wht it is!! Love it!!