Happy Mothers Day!

I hope you are all enjoying your Mothers Day, whether you are a Mom or celebrating your Mom, or both. Today I got lots of adorable handmade goodies from my kids that they made at school! Love that stuff. I'm wearing a beautiful necklace made with string & beads & a thumbprint flower. These are the things I will treasure forever.
I got to spend last night with my own Mom & sister. We did some shopping & chatting over a very LONG dinner! We always seem to pick the restaurants with the worst service. After 2 hours we practically bit the waitresses head off for even suggesting coffee & dessert :) It was fun none the less.
You know what I did? I forgot to bring my Mom's card to dinner, totally forgot it, urgh!! I'm so mad about that!! Sorry Mom!! I will have to wait to post it until after I see her.

I do have this to share, this weeks SSC Sketchy Saturday:

Pictured here are my maternal Grandparents, Jack & Elmira Fox, whom I never got a chance to meet. I see my Grandfather in my son Conner. Those are some strong Fox genes, most of the Great-Grandchildren DO resemble him. This page will be added to my album, the one I've been working on for the kids one day. Included in that album are many family heritage pages, me growing up, pages of me & my husband when we were dating...you get the idea. The stuff that they will appreciate when the get bigger & are interested in who their family is and where they came from!

Well, Happy Mother's Day! Kick your feet up & relax!!!


Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job on this page. I love when you have your family heritage pages up. It is just beautiful!!!
Thanks Maureen!
I love you.

Jennifer Pellegrino said...

sooo pretty Mo! I love heritage pages. I have a ton of my mom's parents and now her to get assembled and into a book. I have them all lose and just flip through them. I wish i could just quickly lay them down so I can have the book to flip through but it's too emotional yet to work with them. I love your page!