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Well, it's official!! We have made it through another school year, ya-hoo!!! One of my favorite things to do on the last day of school is to compare the boys first day of school pics to their last day. It's amazing how much children change during the course of a school year! I thought it would be fun to post this here for you to see!

First up:

First Day of 1st Grade 8/31/09

Last Day - 6/11/10

I don't actually see a huge change in Conner. He has definitely gotten much taller over the course of the school year. His face is thinning out and really has lost that baby look :(

Next (& last)

First Day of Pre-K 8/24/09

Last Day 6/10/09

This just kills me! Ethan has gone from baby to big boy right before my eyes!!! His face has matured so much, I just can't get over it!!!

I can't wait to get these into my scrapbooks! Do you do anything special to mark the end of a school year? I'd love to hear it if you do :)


NinaB said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Your boys are so cute.

lynn said...

your boys are adorable! enjoy them, they grow so fast:)

Amy said...

OH MY GOSH...Mo- they are PRICELESS!! Conner's face definitely has a more grown up look...but I can't believe ETHAN!! He has gone from this adorable baby to ALL GROWN UP in just a year!! Wow...they are just the cutest things ever!! I just want to squeeze them!

Jennifer Pellegrino said...

they really have grown and fast too! I love the pics from 1st day to last day-awesome idea!