Summer Kick-Off!!!

Good morning!!!

Today is our first Monday school-free. It's so nice to be relaxing & not running around making lunches, packing backpacks, snacks, clothes etc :) I'm taking my sweet old time and enjoying the morning.

Did you know we are only one week away from the official start of Summer? How are you going to kick-off your Summer? How about joining us for our "Fun in the Sun" Summer Kick-off celebration?

It sure is going to be a blast...challenges, games, a tutorial...and a RAK for every challenge, WOW!!! A full day jam-packed with fun. If you haven't visited us yet, now is the time :)


Amy said...

WHOO HOO!!!! GO SSC Go! This is going to be the best kick off to summer bash ever! (well until our next one LOL!) YIPPY!!

Jennifer Pellegrino said...

Ok It's up on my blog too-thanks to YOU! what ever is the matter w/me?! Can't wait to see how many people play along!!!