Family Fun!!!

It's time for a family post :) We just got home from a few wonderful days with my in-laws at the Jersey Shore!!! I thought I'd share some pics today!!!

Six Flags Great Adventure:

Wild Safari:
Giraffe's have been my favorite animal since I was a little girl. This was a breathtaking experience that left me speechless!!!

My favorite place on earth:

This was my goodbye to summer. The boys & my husband will be going back to school in just a week from tomorrow!!! I know it's not the official end to summer yet, but for me it was. It was a wonderful summer, that went too fast.

Today, I have no regrets, no looking back & wishing. Instead, I look ahead and look forward to what the coming months have in store for us!

Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

The pictures are AWESOME.
I have this huge silly grin on my face!!!!
The giraffe was amazing, I can only imagine what you were like in the car!
Welcome Home!

Frannie said...

I just saw a giraffe on TV yesterday and thought of you. Glad you had a good time! The boys look so excited! : )