Family Time Friday

Today begins a new weekly post here on the blog...Family Time Friday. Here you will get a little bit of a peek into our lives...Enjoy :)

Holiday preparations are in high gear here in the Merritt house. Decorations are slowly but surely getting up, lists and letters to Santa have been written and we are ready for a tree!!!
Last weekend was our community holiday party. The boys had a great time and it was the perfect way for all of us to get into the holiday spirit!

This is our first EVER picture of both of the boys with Santa. Ethan (on right) decided that Santa isn't so scary after all! (btw-that's a fire breathing dragon on Ethan's cheek)

Conner and Ethan decorate Sugar Cookies.

Ethan showing off his snowman :)

I hope your holiday season is off to a great start. I'll be back tomorrow to announce the random winner of Holiday hop newsletter sign up....See you then!


Amy said...

AWWWW!! They are so cute!! haha I have to tell you it is so funny to know that this is the first year Ethan isn't scared of Santa. I was beginning to wonder at what age Emma and Noah would stop thinking he is scary and start liking him! Emma told me this year though she is "not shy" to Santa and will go see him at the mall!! I was cracking up!! Noah is still like, not a chance in he**!! Kids are so silly!! Anyways, I am so glad you guys are having a fabulous holiday season....we have all the deco up and tree, yadda yadda...but I need to get these cards mailed out ASAP!!!!

Kathy Martin said...

Darling photos! :)

Angie Blom said...

Hi .. it has been so long.. I love that you are doing Family time Friday. what cuties.. those treats look yummy.. You wanted to know what the December Daily is.. It is a documentation of the Month of December.. so just your everyday happenings. with all the special things that happen throughout the month . this is my 3rd year making this album and I love it.. alot of preparation before hand but all worth it when you look back at all the wonderful memories. So I just take a couple of photo's everyday and journal about my day. very easy. How are you anyways? keep in touch. love ya xx

Anonymous said...

Always love your cards but news about the cutest boys in the world is the best treat for me to find~!