Family Time Friday

We got snow :) Not much at this point but enough for a snow day!!! I wanted to take the roping off of the front porch before it snowed, oh well, looks like we are going to be stuck with it for a while!
The kids have had a wonderfully relaxing morning, watching tv and playing with their Beyblades & their ds games!! They were super excited when I told them that there was no school today! Here they are snuggling on the couch together, Conner helping Ethan play his Pokemon game.

Ethan helped me throw together a Vegetarian Chili that's cooking in the crockpot as we speak. It's the perfect day for chili and cornbread, yum! I'm hoping to get the kids to agree to a movie later today. They got "Where the Wild Things Are" for Christmas and I really want to see it (more than they do I think!).

That's about all that is going on here in the Merritt house! I hope you are having a fabulous day, stay warm :)


Anonymous said...

Little guys are so adorable. I loved this post Maureen!
Got your Xmas card and it is OUTSTANDING. Loved it!
Chat later,
P.S. Guess I should have sent an e-mail LOL................:)

Amy said...

How cute are they? Hope they had a great day....We got Emma and Noah that movie when it came out and Noah cried and said it was scary and Emma said it was boring hahaaha!! I was like whelp, I guess you guys are just too little for it then!! Very very funny lol!! Hope you guys had a great snow day...we got like 14in. CRAZY SNOW!!

helloholley said...

Hi Maureen!! I found your blog from Simply Scrappin'....your boys are adorable and I love your blog!!! Great creations!!!