Stampin Up! Grid Paper

There are a few items in my stamproom that I could not live without, one of them...Stampin' Up! Grid Paper. I know, it seems like a funny item to be attached to, but it serves more purposes than JUST covering your work surface!!! Why do I love it so?
  • It's the perfect tool to help you line up your layers & ribbon. I lay my card base on my grid paper so that it is straight and lined up with the grids. As I am attaching my layers & ribbon, I am sure to get it perfectly straight and centered each and every time!
  • Sentiments...sometimes those buggers are difficult to line up. There is nothing worse than finishing a card and going to stamp your sentiment and having it come out crooked (you know what I'm talking about don't you!). I use my grid paper to make sure this never happens. The pictures below will help you see what I mean!
Step 1:
Ink your sentiment and line the upper part of your block with the lines on the grid paper.

Here is your stamped image, it's not too bad!
However, notice the "T" is a bit higher on the line than the "U"
We can fix this!

Step 2:
Ink and line up your stamp again, but this time tilt the stamp so that the "U" is higher on your line than the "T".

This is your result.
The top is your first result and the bottom is your second! Cool, right!
Now when you stamp on your project you know EXACTLY where & how to stamp your sentiment!!!

The uses for Grid Paper are endless! Jot down notes, measurements, color combos... I'd love for you to share some ways you use Stampin' Up! Grid Paper. If you haven't tried it yet, you must!! For only $9.95 for 100 sheets it sure does goes a long way. It will save you time and trouble!! Click here to purchase Grid Paper and other supplies from my online store.

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Amy said...

I so need some of this to work worth...My sentiments always end up crooked and it drives me insane!! Thanks for the tips girl!!

ThePurplePlace said...

I also LOVE these work pads and like you have one on my desk at ALL times.

I love having the grid lines and use them much like you! It's like having an extra ruler on hand at all times! :)

Donna said...

Thank you SOOOOOO much for this idea. I've been wondering how to better use my Grid Paper and even more so that you showed me a way to straighten out those crooked stamps! You're a lifesaver!

Jennifer said...

that is a-ma-zing! I knew it was useful but seriously-just a bit of tilt really makes all the difference-I think I am going over my monthly quota : ) he hehehe-another wish list item!