Family Time Friday

It's been a bit since I've posted my Family Time Friday!
Here's a few things that have been going on around here.

Conner, sick as a dog, taking his first nap in probably 4 years. He missed the entire week of school, but is finally on the road to recovery!

Haircuts, finally!

And, the sweetest note ever. I had a doctor's appt about 2 weeks ago and came home to this note from Ethan. He's a Mama's boy and always snuggles with all of my stuff when I'm gone. I find my robe in his bed if I'm not home when he goes to sleep...he's so sweet!!!
Can you read it? It made me cry hysterically...I will keep this forever.
"I love you so much you not believe it".
Melt my heart!


Tammy said... that's enough to get you misty eyed. What a precious little boy. Hope he's not getting to crud!! Hugs to you sweetie!!

Trina said...

How sweet! I hope your baby starts feeling better soon!

Amy said...

Oh em gee..!! My eyes teared all up just reading this!! What a total sweet heart!!

And i am so glad to hear Connor is finally on the mend and feeling better!! Poor thing!! He must want to go back to school! ;oP

Claudia said...

OMG that note from Ethan just ripped me up. He really is totally adorable Maureen. I am so glad that Conner is feeling better.

ThePurplePlace said...
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ThePurplePlace said...

Awwwww....! How sweet!! Melted my heart for sure!! Boys are always close to their Mom and even though my oldest is now 24 -- we are so close and I love both my boys so much! This will be wonderful for a scrap page! :)

I am so happy that Conner is finally feeling better!! It's so hard for any Mom to see our children in pain or not feeling well.

I feel the LOVE!!!

Special Congratulations on your new DT too! WOOHOO! I am thrilled for you!!

Have a great day with the girls tomorrow--I only WISH I could be there!