Family Time Friday

This week seems to have gotten away from me and I have very little photos to share? I don't know how that happened!! I think probably because the boys are completely consumed with their new Pokemon Black & White Games. This is them before they left to pick them up.

Think they are excited?

While the boys are away, the girls will play :)
This is Jenn, Me & Amy. We design together at The Outlawz and met while designing on another team about a year ago. It was great to finally meet in person!!!

My dapper husband
Doug participated in a fashion show to raise money for a little girl in the community where he works. She was born with Progeria, the syndrome of premature aging. The fundraiser wound up raising a bit over $5000.00!!! Woohoo!! This is Doug at his fitting at Banana Republic :)

That's our week in a nutshell! Enjoy your weekend!!!


Amy said...

HEHEHEHE!!! Good times ALL around!!!

Claudia said...

The kids are so cute and SO EXCITED. This is going to be my new background at work! Love your picture from your girls day and Doug looks quite dapper!!!!
Made my day Maureen!!!

Frannie said...

Is Doug intentionally standing in the same pose as the mannequin? HAHA! I love it. He looks so fancypants.