Family post

It's been a while since I've shared family photos, so I thought that is what I'd do today. We had a wonderful family hike yesterday in celebration of Father's Day. We went to one of our favorite local parks! The kids picked the trail, we took our time and we saw lots of wildlife!

Doug & the boys at the beginning of the trail.

I love this shot. In Daddy's footsteps!

One of the ponds we hiked around.

The boys on a fallen tree.

Ah, breathtaking!


Claudia said...

These are awesome pictures!!!!
Good looking boys Maureen! All 3 of them.

Colleen Holmes said...

Gorgeous photo's and you have a great and loving family!! Hugz

Brenda said...

I love it Mo. Looks like a fabulous day with the men in your life! Great photos!

Amy said...

AWW!! It looks like you guys had an amazing day! I would love to bring the kids up there. They love hiking through the trails at the parks here, I can't imagine what they would think of it in PA! It's so gorgeous there!