Oh, Irene!

Hurricane Irene came and went leaving beautiful weather behind her! However, she also left a big mess. We were not expecting to be hit by Irene, I thought some high winds, maybe a fallen tree...never did I imagine we would lose power & water for four days, the first days of school cancelled, etc. Every major road (around here "major" isn't so major:) was blocked by downed trees and wires!

Wondering what you do without power or water for four days? I'm a scrapbooker, of course I had to document it! Hopefully this is a once in a lifetime!

Day 1 (Sunday) was easy. It was raining and windy, we played games and just "chilled"

Day 2 (Monday) we were getting concerned. Sure, we lose power, however, it usually returns sometime in the middle of the night.

Yard Clean up

The boys use the Jeep to pull down a huge fallen limb.

More Clean up!

We also head out in the car to access the damage. This is what we found at the bottom of our road. This tree supposedly caught fire and fell a bit more before it was cleaned up.

We continued toward the grocery store and the road was closed, then turned in the other direction and quickly found that our entire area was without power. There were downed trees and rushing water everywhere. The only store that was open was the beer store where we picked up some ice (and some Corona). We made it to town, after some detours and stocked up on water...

It was becoming evident that we should start putting our food on ice. (Besides what we put in here, on Day 3 we lost ALL of our food from the fridge, freezer and our outside freezer-Yuck)

Time to get out the camping gear. PB & J for every meal just wasn't cutting it!!

Day 3 (Tuesday)-ok, time to shower!!! We left for my Mom's first thing in the morning, it seemed like all of our neighbors were heading out of the area. I needed coffee, a hot meal and a long, hot shower! We ate lunch and dinner out that day. We also charged the computer battery (used for watching movies-see Izzy), the kids ds's and used my Mom's computer!

Day 4 - Our power was restored around 5:00 in the evening. We screamed & yelled and held our breath, hoping it was on for good!!! It came back just in time for the first day of school, thank goodness...

Was it terrible? No. Awful? No. Just exhausting, stressful and a pain in the neck. It could have been worse and I am grateful that it wasn't!

One last thought on this subject...

What does an obsessed papercrafter do in a blackout?

Scrapbook in the dark, of course :)


Kathy Martin said...

Yes, Irene was supposed to leave quite a mess in North Carolina, but we faired pretty well. Sorry to hear that it's been more trouble for you. Ah, but the memories you will have! Fortunately no major damage!

Claudia said...

Oh Maureen. I am so glad that you documented everything. That is just so you and I am so glad you are this way because down the road you will be so happy that you did. You and Doug will tell your grandchildren about Irene and your days without power and how their Daddies spent those days.
Mema is typing and crying. So glad you and your sister have power again. So glad it is over.
I love you.

Andrea L - EnchantINK said...

Oh Maureen! I was so interested reading about your recent difficulties with Irene! It sounded very exciting ... but very scary! Thanks for sharing! We had some wild weather earlier this year, too ... and I blogged about it as well.
Flooded In! (read the next day post, too, if you are interested.) Hugs xxaxx