Christmas Prep

My list of things to do right now is SO long that I don't have room to add anything else to it! I worked all day on my Christmas cards today, just the insides!!!

**Note to self- start completing cards inside & out!!!!

Since this took all day, I didn't even get to check anything off of my list, ugh!!!

One thing checked off yesterday was writing letters to Santa. I won this cute stamp set a few months ago from wPlus9 and had fun making these for the kids to send to Santa. I kept them very simple, just the stamp and drew lines every 1/4 with markers. I always have the kids write a letter saying good things they did during the year. They come up with the cutest things!!!!

That's all for now. I'll try to pop back in tomorrow with an adorable tin I embellished!


ThePurplePlace said...

I hear ya! I'm also going to start a new plan for the new year and it will be to totally COMPLETE ALL cards. I'm great at completing the front, but when it comes times to send them, I still have to add inside sentiments, line the dark colored cards and stamp the much before I even put it in the Envelope!!

From now on, I hope to FINISH them front to back! :)

Amy said...

These are SO so cute!! Emma and Noah just wrote letters to Santa tonight! My MIL got them special Santa post cards to put in the mail box at the UPS store! They were so excited! Hope you can start getting some things crossed off...I am trying to rush and finish Christmas cards and get them mailed THIS WEEK. Hopefully that happens LOL or everyone will be getting late Christmas cards!! HUGS!! <3

Sara I. said...

Awww, lovin' those letters Maureen - so cute!!! I always leave the inside until I'm going to give it, too - and then its so stressful to have to last minute get it ready. Thanks for the tip - I should probably do that, too :)

Claudia said...

Those lists the boys wrote are so cute. I am squinting and trying to read everything. They are so adorable.
You will get your cards done, I have faith in you!