Weekend cards

Did you hop on over to Catherine's blog to see the cards we made this past weekend? You guessed it right if you thought I made the two cards on the left. If you know both of us I'm sure it wasn't too hard to guess :) Here they are...

Catherine chose the products for this first card.  The color palette she used led me to make a love note.  It would work for either Valentine's Day or an anniversary.  We'll see if I can find this card when either of those come up. 

I chose the products for this one.  After Catherine made her card, the table was covered with paper, dies, ink etc.  She walked over when I was done and said, "This is just my bouncing off place, right?"  Haha, I left her 3 ink pads, 1 stamps set and black and white paper.

I love this simple design.  The end of the year is quickly approaching and this will be perfect to give the boys after their awards ceremony.  They both work so hard, I'm so proud of them.  These are some of Conner's favorite colors.  I'm going to make this same card again using Ethan's favorite colors; red, black and gray.

Thanks for stopping in!


Dawn said...

This are both great Maureen, but that second one! Oh yes, it is AWESOME! ;o)

Mum of 4 said...

Great cards! Where is the stamp set you used on the 2nd one from? It looks great for cards for boys, which is why you have it right??!! :)

Pryn said...

Fabulous cards!!! The boys are going to love their "awesome" card...you are an amazing mom! Just wanted to tell you that :D

Love you!