Where I Hang Out

Do you have a favorite place to hang out online?  My fave is StampNation!  The ladies there are such a hoot and there is always so much going on.  New techniques to learn, new teachers joining us, challenges, mini-classes, events... well, you get the idea.  This past week our challenge was a sketch challenge.  I have to say that the DT turned out the most amazing cards ever!

Check out a peek of the DT cards...WOW, right?!

I loved the sketch so much, that I made another card using it.  I originally planned to just stamp the wreath from Valentine Wishes by WPlus9 but it felt, get this...TOO clean (I know, write it down.  I'll never say those words again.)  I apprehensively took spray mist and flicked it very lightly on my card.  I cringed a bit because you never know where that stuff will land.  I only flicked once, I was looking for a subtle affect, I like the way it turned out.

Want to see more of what we do at my favorite hang out spot, StampNation?


Catherine Pooler said...

hahahaha, Maureen! TOO clean? I'll remember that. Your flicking turned out perfectly. WOOOT!
I love hanging out with you at SN, BTW! xoxox

Susangail Powell said...

"TOO clean" - that made me smile - I can just picture you with the spray mist bottle in your hand and a look of panic on your face - priceless!
Beautiful card by the way!! StampNation is where I LOVE to hang out too - great tutorials, great people and SO MUCH FUN!!

Kimie said...

LPL, Mo! That is funny. Never heard of a card being "too clean." Only you. :) I love how your card turned out! It is just perfect. Love hanging out at SN!

Heather North said...

Welcome to the dark side. We will slowly bring you in. Love this card, Maureen. :)

Tracey McNeely said...

Pretty card Maureen, the aqua and pink together work perfectly!