CAS Birthday App - Update Available

When Doug and I started our App journey together last Summer, we set a goal of 4 apps by the end of 2014.  We made it half way to our goal.  With Doug teaching a new AP level course, his free time is limited and his hobby of programming was put on the back burner.  Let's face it, without him, there's no app.

Our CAS Birthday App has really taken off, so we decided over the Christmas break to work on an update for that one.  We had it ALMOST perfectly timed to launch at the same time as StampNation's 4th Birthday Bash, but missed it by a couple of days.

The update includes two new cards, supplies and step-by-step instructions, as well as a couple other changes that make the app even more user friendly.  Here's a little peek:

If you have the CAS Birthday App, make sure you update for new projects.

If you haven't gotten our FREE app yet, click here to download now from the app store!

***There is a glitch on the iPad version.  The Project Preview on the Faux Shaker is not correct. 
You can see the full card by scrolling to the bottom of the Faux Shaker Project Steps. 
We are putting in another update, it should be fixed in a week or so!
Sorry for the inconvenience.

*At this time, the App is only available for iPhone and iPad users.  My husband is a self-taught programmer, it's his hobby and something he does for fun.   We are a 100% Apple family, which is how he is able to build Apps and test them on Apple products. Perhaps it is something he will do in the future, but not at this time.  Sorry :(


Unknown said...

Can't wait to load the new app! I have enjoyed the two previous ones and refer to them often!

Unknown said...

Can i download it from the google playstore?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this app. Really appreciate.

Unknown said...

I love the 2 new cards you added to the APP! Thanks so much!