Sweet Sunday & Morning or Night?

I'm a morning person.  I'm up on weekdays at 4:30am.  I have a little challenge with myself to see how much I can get done by 7:00...some days I'll have my third load of laundry in, dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, 3 bathrooms cleaned , all beds made and rooms straightened.  But don't expect me to get a thing done after 7:00, my brain has already been shut down for an hour or so.  You are probably wondering why I brought this up.  I do have a point!

See that card above?  I started that card after dinner on Sunday night.  That is something I never, ever do.  I know from experience that nothing good comes from stamping after dinner.  This card was no different.  I sat at my desk throwing away paper for two hours, when I finally said to Doug, "That's it, I'm done.  I don't know why I even tried this tonight."  I showed him that after two hours all I had was the sponged area on this card.  I started cleaning my desk when I saw the Encouraging Words stamp set and BAM, my card was done minutes later.  I turned around and told Doug that I finished my card and he looked at me like I had 5 heads.  "Didn't you just tell me that you were done?" 

Inquiring minds want to know, are you an early bird or do you burn the midnight oil?

My design was inspired by this week's Sweet Sunday Sketch.

Stamps:  Encouraging Words (WPlus9)
Ink:  Mowed Lawn, Peacock Feathers Distress Inks (Ranger) Tuxedo Black (Memento)
Paper:  Whisper White (SU) Black (WPlus9)


Heather North said...

I'm good for almost nothing in the morning, but if I get crafting after dinner I can go past midnight. :) Love your card by the way.

Kara said...

It's funny...I'm neither really. I'm up at 5 for work because I have to be. My most creative and productive time is really in the middle of the day. I'd say between 10 am and 2 pm. I'm in bed by 10pm! Love your card!!

Lynn said...

Love your card! The soft inking is gorgeous. I am absolutely a morning person. Up early and it when I can crank out a ton of work...after dinner exactly the same as you!

LibLady said...

I am totally useless in the morning! Live kicks in in the afternoon and I switch to things like reading about 10pm.

Sandy said...

I don't even go into my craft room until 9PM and sometimes I don't come out until 3AM. TOTAL night person!! (Just don't try and get me out of bed before 10AM...not gonna happen. Ha!)