Flipped Stencils

Hello there!  Today I'm sharing a set of cards that I made using stencils.  I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I haven't done any blending or stenciling lately and I really wanted to just have fun with the technique.  I sat down and made a few different backgrounds, then turned them into super CAS birthday cards.  I never seem to have enough birthday cards on hand and these background pieces are perfect for teen boys, WOOT (well, two of them are!).  

On my first card I used the Grid stencil by My Favorite Things.  I stenciled once, then lifted the stencil and slid it over a bit to fill in all of the white spaces, then stenciled again.  Does that make sense??  If you look at the top row I first stenciled with yellow, then moved the stencil and stenciled with green.  

On this next card I used the MFT Chunky Herringbone stencil.  Instead of lifting and moving the stencil, this time I flipped it over and used the reverse side to create a chevron.  The second time I blended with Distress Inks I tried to use a lighter hand for some variation in color.

On this last card I used the Diagonal Strip stencil, also by My Favorite Things.  This time I stenciled once and then flipped the stencil upside down and stenciled again so my stripes were going in the opposite direction.

I had a blast playing with stencils!  What's your favorite technique/product right now?  Leave me a comment and maybe I'll make a card set using one of your favorites!

Have a great week!

Rock & Rock Rainbow Butterflies

I'm guest blogging over at Catherine's blog today with a Rock & Roll Rainbow of butterflies.
I had a blast making this card!

Off the Edge

Do you ever forget about a technique or get so focused on one product or style that you kind of get "stuck" there?  That's what happened to me.  I've been stamping a lot lately, just stamping, no techniques, just straight stamping.  Which is completely fine, but all of a sudden I got the urge to sponge and use stencils, so that's exactly what I've done on this card.  Not only did I sponge using a stencil but I also sponged the card base!  This is such a happy card, I can't wait to stick it in the mail!

I'm playing along in the CAS-ual Friday "Off the Edge" challenge.  I love have elements go off the edge of my cards.  It's a great way to add movement and flow to a design!  Here my sentiment is off the edge of my stamped & stenciled panel and some of the images are off the edge as well!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  If you like sponging and stencils, come by again in a few days.  I have more cards to share with you!

Rosie Posie

It seems to be feast or famine around my blog lately, but the good news is that this week will be a feast ;)  I have a lot to share with you, I'm excited about that.  I spend a ton of time creating this past weekend.  Mostly I was just messing around without anything special in mind.  I pulled out tools and supplies that I haven't used for a while and made a stack of cards, then I stumbled upon the PTI 10th anniversary challenges...I just had to pull out my all-time favorite floral stamp set, Rosie Posie, and play along!

You all know I love floral stamp sets, I likely sound like a broken record by now.  I especially love florals that have multiple steps.  Rosie Posie was the first of its kind.  I remember clearly the first time I inked Step 2.  I was at a StampNation LIVE event in Raleigh, NC.  I had been up and stamping for hours, while most people were just getting their breakfast.  I ran around showing everyone how amazing the stamped image was.  {Kristie, remember?}  Years later and I'm still smitten with this set!  Many stamp sets sets have come and gone from my stash, Rosie Posie has a permanent home here.

What's your all-time favorite stamp set??  Leave me a comment, I'm looking to add to my collection ;)