Clean & Simple Thank You

I think I've mentioned a few times recently that I'm working to build up my card stash.  I have lots of cards, but I never seem to have the RIGHT card for the occasion.  I need general cards...thank you, birthday, frills, just straight up occasion cards.  Recently I needed a thank you card. I have "Thanks for all you do", "Grateful for You",  "Thanks, I couldn't do it without you."  All wonderful, but none of these fit the bill.  I've been keep this in mind while creating lately.  Keep the sentiments simple!

What cards do you send out the most often?  How do you make sure you have a good supply in your stash?


Aileen Ryan said...

Love your card, its so pretty. The simplicity of the flowers is just perfect. My most go to card is probably Hello as I love to send to people overseas just to say hello. My most lacking are boys cards, I find it hard to keep it boyish.

Kristie Goulet said...

So gorgeous! ♥