Concord & 9th Triangle Turnabout for Boys & Girls!

We are in the middle of the Concord & 9th Masterclass over at StampNation!  Concord & 9th is teaching a class on Unexpected Layering.  One of the topics they covered includes their Turnabout stamp sets.  If you haven't seen these yet, you are in for a real treat!

I had my eye on "Triangle Turnabout" from the moment it released.  Whomever was the brain behind this concept is brilliant, BRILLIANT! (That is me shouting!)

It's been long time since I have gotten this excited over a stamp, it combines so many things I love about stamping all in one...building custom backgrounds, versatility and it's different, different from anything else out there!

I love a good clean & graphic background.  Although I know that you can rotate this stamp less than the four rotations, I just love it best like this so I replicated this design twice; once for boys and once for girls!

I paired Triangle Turnabout with the Spot On stamp set from Catherine Pooler Designs and they are a match made in heaven.  With a bold background like this, I wanted a simple sentiment...Spot On was the perfect addition.

I highly encourage you to join us over at StampNation.  The Concord & 9th Masterclass is really blowing me away.  Not only do they have amazing products, Amy's teaching style is clear, concise and so easy to follow.  Her cards are amazing as well!

Click here to join our Masterclasses at StampNation, but wait that's not all you'll get access to...

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