A New Ink Collection, YES!

I've being waiting for this release for TWO years!  I'm thrilled that the Spa Collection is finally almost available for purchase!  These colors are right up my alley, I've had so much fun with them.

Here's how the Spa Collection differs from the Party Collection:

  • Party Collection Colors are high saturation colors…bright and vivid.  Think lime green and bright pink.

  • Spa Collection Colors are low saturation colors…muted (but not muddy).  Think olive and dusty rose.
Catherine has been revealing the colors over the past week or so.  Check it out:

My favorite color is still a secret.  I can't wait for you to see it!  Catherine will reveal the last two colors today.

The full ink release will be available for purchase on Tuesday.  WOOT!  I'll be back soon to share some projects using these fabulous new inks!

What do you think so far?  Are you a Spa girl or Party girl?


Sharon said...

Have to say, SPA Lady. Love when you get pampered at the Spa, makes you feel so wonderful and relax. Do love the Party Girl inks as well cause when it comes to Catherine inks you just got to love the colours and how they work together. Hope to get some in the New Year cause my budget is tight since Christmas is around the corner.

Stampin2day said...

Wow...I just love your cards! I just joined Stamp Nation and I am going to make me a cup of coffee and come back to your blog! What you do with a stamp set is amazing!

Joseph said...

I can do something like this. We inherited a big tin boxful too. And a couple of stamp books full. I'm almost like you. Where Can I Buy Stamps?

Laura Nilson said...

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Laura Nilson said...

Great want to add that your designs are awesome can you tell me whiv=ch software are you using to make these kinds of designs, Christmas is coming and it's still confusing about how many stamps have a book

SimonaGabriele said...

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Tafia Network said...

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By the way, I love these inks of yours..
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